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upstairs veranda

Second Floor Veranda- Grab A Book And A Glass Of Wine

The Herlong Mansion Offers A Serene Atmosphere In Which To Relax But You Just Might Want To Go Explore

About Micanopy

Micanopy (Mick-can-oh’-pee) is a unique little village located in southeastern Alachua County between I-75 and US 441. The streets are overhung with ancient oaks bearded with Spanish moss and are bordered on either side by private homes and storefronts that time seems to have forgotten. 

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Most of the buildings are on the National Historic Register. In fact, Micanopy is the oldest inland settlement in Florida. As early as 1539 there is record of a village located at the site of Micanopy when explorer Hernando De Soto found the Timucuan Indians living here. In 1774, when naturalist William Bartram made his famous journey through Florida, the Indians he found living in Alachua County (near Micanopy) were remnants of the Southern Creek nation. They were called “Seminoles,” a Creek word meaning “runaway.” These Indians had become wealthy by raising cattle and horses on land now known as Paynes Prairie.

Bartram’s Trails and Tales

Bartram wrote a book called The Travels of William Bartram, published in Philadelphia in 1791.  Alachua County, portrayed as lush and dangerous, figured prominently among the stories and sketches of plants and animals of Florida. He stayed with the Seminoles and wrote about their customs. They befriended him and must have been amused by his keen interest in botany, because they nicknamed him ‘Puc Puggy,’ meaning “Seeker of the Flowers.”

Paynes Prairie Egret- Carolyn Stevens-West

But plants weren’t Bartram’s only interest here. Included in his work are a collection of drawings and stories about “smoke breathing” alligators. Of course, alligators didn’t actually breathed smoke like fictional dragons, but his readers must have loved the dramatic images Bartram created. From his detailed work, we know that these were the ancestors of the same alligators that still cruise though the dark waters of the Alachua Sink deep within Paynes Prairie. 


In 1823 Moses Elias Levy established the first white settlement. Wanton was the name of the first post office established in Alachua County in 1826; but the town was simultaneously referred to as “Micanope” after the Seminole Indian chief head chief of the Seminoles in the Seminole War; Micanopy means “head chief.” The name officially changed to “Micanopy” in 1834.

purple paynes prairie

Purple Paynes Prairie -Carolyn Stevens-West

If Micanopy seems oddly familiar to a first-time visitor, it is because this jewel of a town has served as the backdrop for films Doc Hollywood, with Michael J. Fox,  Woody Harrelson, and Bridget Fonda; and, Cross Creek, with Mary Steenburgen, Peter Coyote, and Rip Torn. 
While Hollywood loves to visit, it certainly hasn’t changed the ambiance of this quiet town. Visitors leisurely wander in and out of shops selling antiques, old books, ceramics, stained glass, jewelry and other specialized arts and crafts. The town offers a four star bed and breakfast–The Herlong Mansion–with a few cafes right in town and unique restaurants like The Yearling and Antonio’s near by.


Old Church

Church Across From The Herlong

Micanopy Today

Today, the streets are lined with historic buildings each housing unique shops and cafes. Here, visitors can find unique sites; friendly people; shops brimming with antiques, collectables, folk art, and decorative fare; and beautiful vistas and parks nearby such as Paynes Prairie, Orange Lake and Cross Creek.


Herlong Dressed For Christmas


Ancient Oaks Line The Streets


Village Sidewalks


Old Time Jail


Church Across The Street


The Village





Lotus pads


In and around Micanopy, there are many things to do year round that will please everyone! 


Ginnie Springs- Carolyn Stevens-West




You can find canoeing, golfing, hiking trails, kayaking, and enjoy swimming in nearby springs. Area attractions include world-class antique shopping and antique auctions, historical interests, museums, national/state parks, nature areas, University of Florida football, Orange Lake and Lockloosa fishing, Paynes Prairie State Preserve, Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings’ home (Cross Creek), Kanapaha Botanical Gardens,  Hippodrome State Theatre, Devil’s Millhopper State Park, Natural springs like Poe Springs and Ginnie Springs, and more. 

  Micanopy Is Just a 10 minute drive to Gainesville and The University of Florida- Only an hour from both the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean, offering a wealth of fun and opportunity to get the most from Florida’s tourism industry.


Dancing Tree


Blue Hole


Sweetwater Spring

  Beautiful Pool Blue Springs Surround The Area

Additionally, the Gainesville area offers unique opportunities to visit and interact with natural,

historical, and entertaining areas of Florida.  In Gainesville and the surrounding areas, you can explore the beautiful rivers & lakes, cool natural springs and unspoiled wilderness parks of an exquisite sub-tropical region. 

Interstate-75 access puts visitors less than a 30-minute drive from cycling, canoeing, hiking, camping, bird-watching, fishing, and an hour from the beaches of both the east and west coast of Florida. 

 Gainesville and its nearby towns offer outstanding art & antique shopping, dining and accommodations.  Additional information and resources about Gainesville’s leisure activities is available online at the Alachua County Visitors & Convention Bureau or at (352) 374-5231


Blue Highway Pizzeria – Brick Oven Pizza, Salads, Beer and Wine  352-466-0062

Antonio’s-  Home Made Fresh Italian, Fish, Meat, Pasta, Full Bar        352-591-4141

Yearling Restaurant- Cross Creek  Regional Cuisine, Full Bar    352-466-3999

Gainesville Links

City of Gainesville

streaking light

Micanopy Sunset Behind The Herlong

University of Florida Calendar of Events


Horse Country


Located 30 miles south on 441 or I-75. Check out Silver Springs, Wild Waters, local horse farms for riding. Ocala National Forest also offers canoeing and swimming at various springs and rivers. Click here for Ocala & Area Visitor Information.

Cave Springs

High Springs

Located 30 miles north on I-75.  High Springs has many antique shops and numerous springs, such as Ginnie Springs, for swimming canoeing, and rafting down SantaFe and Ichetucknee Rivers.

Cedar Key Sunset

Cedar Key

Located one hour west on SR 24. Waterfront location offering seafood restaurants, shops, fishing, and boating. Click Here for the Cedar Key Chamber of Commerce Page. Check out the Cedar Keyhole Gallery website.

Old Time Florida


Offers several antiques stores including Harvest Village antiques and cafe. Twenty miles north of Ocala  (and 5 miles South of the Herlong via US 441) on U.S. 441 near the Alachua County border is the city of McIntosh. A quaint, turn-of-the century village, McIntosh is on the shores of Orange Lake, so named for the grove of wild oranges which sprang, some say, from seeds discarded by Spanish explorers 400 years ago. Click here for Ocala & Area Visitor Information.            Antonio’s Restaurant 352-591-4141

Welcome to our State Park!

Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings

Cross Creek

Cross Creek- Carolyn Stevens-West

Located 9 miles SE on CR 346 from the Herlong.  Visit the historic home of Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, author of the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, “The Yearling”, which was the setting for several of Rawlings’ books. Guided house tours are given every Thursday through Sunday. The park is open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Park is located between Ocala and Gainesville in Cross Creek, at 18700 S. CR 325. A great day trip!  Orange Lake and Lake Lochloosa also offer lots of great fishin                                                               The Yearling Restaurant 352-466-3999 is open Thursday through Sunday











Gorgeous Cabbages


Summer Squash


Apples Apples Apples




Visit The Oldest Working Post Office


Summer Watermelon


Pumpkins and Watermelons


Local Organic Produce

HERLONG MANSION           352 466 3322    or    1 800 HERLONG

Fourth of July Parade

Fourth Of July Parade

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